Using OneDrive for Business

Help Pages and Learning Guides

Microsoft provides documentation on how to manage and share documents. Topics covered include:

Video Tutorials has a series of short introductory videos that explains how to use OneDrive for Business to store your work documents, how to sync your work documents to your computer, and how OneDrive for Business differs from commercially available OneDrive accounts: also has a video tutorial series that covers how to use OneDrive for Business.

You will need to log into, using your USC username and password before accessing these videos. To log in, go to and click the “Log in to” button. After you have logged into, return to this page and click link below to access the videos.

OneDrive for Business Essential Training (54m 16s)

Topics covered in this video series include:

  • Signing in to OneDrive
  • Syncing OneDrive
  • Working with OneDrive via the web or the client app
  • Uploading files and folders
  • Renaming, copying, downloading, and deleting files
  • Using OneDrive with Microsoft Office
  • Sharing files
  • Working on files simultaneously with coworkers

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload documents to OneDrive for Business?

The following Microsoft video will show you how to:

  • Upload one document
  • Upload multiple documents at the same time
  • Create a new document inside the Outlook Web App

Intro to OneDrive (work or school)

How do I share documents with non-USC colleagues?

For information on sharing documents from your ITS-supported Office 365 account with non-USC colleagues and others that do not have ITS-supported Office 365 accounts, see the Share a document or folder by inviting people section of Microsoft’s Share documents or folders in Office 365 documentation.

NOTE: External users will need to have a Microsoft account, such as an,, or XBOX Live account to successfully access the OneDrive for Business files you share with them.
Video: Add documents to OneDrive for Business (1m 54s)

Can I edit documents within OneDrive for Business?

You can edit files within OneDrive for Business using the web app versions of Microsoft Office programs, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. To open a file within OneDrive for Business, click on the file name and choose “Edit Document” and then “Edit in Web App” from the top menu bar. When you share a document with another user, you can choose whether to give that user editing rights. OneDrive for Business will remember the ten most recent versions of edited documents.

What file types can I upload?

You can upload most document file types. For security reasons, you cannot upload applications.