Cell and Mobile Wi-Fi Coverage for the USC Village

Connecting to Your Cellular Network

ITS is working with cell service providers to strengthen cellular coverage across the USC Village and has added hardware equipment designed to boost signal strength. Verizon is already running on this equipment; AT&T will be active later this week. If you experience weak cell coverage, ITS recommends switching to wireless (see below) and reporting the coverage issues to your service provider.

Connecting to Wi-Fi on Mobile Devices

ITS has worked to ensure that there is pervasive wireless coverage throughout the interior and exterior areas of the USC Village. For information on how to connect to these networks, see our page on Wireless Access to the USC Networks.

Some mobile devices support Wi-Fi calling, a service that allows you to make and receive phone calls over a wireless connection. To see if your device supports Wi-Fi calling, please see the Wi-Fi calling documentation from the major carriers below:

Here are some additional options for using wireless to make phone calls.

If you have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi at the Village, please contact the Customer Support Center (CSC) at 213-740-5555.