Trojan Check Version 3 now available as iPhone and Android App and in Spanish!

All faculty, students, staff and guests will need to “check in” to come on campus.

As you know, Project Restart is USC’s campus-wide effort to safely return to on-campus living, learning, working, researching, and teaching. An important part of returning to campus is a daily mandatory wellness assessment using Trojan Check, developed by USC’s Information Technology Services, in collaboration with Project Restart partners. Trojan Check Version 3 is now available in Spanish and via the Apple App store for iPhones and Google Play store for Android users. It can be used for ALL USC faculty, students and staff and guests who need to come to campus.


Simple Steps

  • First, take the Health, Hygiene and Safety, mandatory training course offered through TrojanLearn. This training provides information about Covid19 symptoms for which to be aware. It also provides key contacts where you can reach out should you need resources. Once you have passed, you can then use Trojan Check to do a daily wellness assessment for a color-coded Campus pass for the day.



Trojan Check Improvements

  • Android apps.
  • Supervisors will now receive one report for their team’s campus access status vs. individual emails.
  • Link to the app is Once you have completed your daily wellness assessment, you will receive a color coded Campus Pass can be used to enter most buildings.

What to do

  • Learn more about Trojan Check Version 3 by watching this video.
  • Or attend an upcoming webinar:

August 6

August 11

August 13

August 18

August 20

For more resources go to Project Restart.