Digital Campus – Coming to You!

As part of its ongoing digital transformation, Information Technology Services (ITS) is bringing exciting new computer-based products and solutions, collectively known as the Digital Campus, to USC students, faculty, and staff!

What’s a Digital Campus?

The aim of ITS’ Digital Campus is to provide USC technology users with:

  • Quicker online access,
  • Improved learning tools and spaces,
  • More ways to collaborate and communicate,
  • Standardized desktop support services,
  • Self-service capabilities,
  • And more!

Who is involved?

With exceptional customer experience as one of its culture cornerstones, everyone at ITS is working to improve its people, processes, and systems so you can have a superior technology experience at USC – whether you’re a student, member of the faculty, or staff! Through Digital Campus, all of ITS service offerings– applications, infrastructure, information security, research computing, and more– will be elevated and improved.

Why is it better?

The benefits of Digital Campus will include:

  • Improved systems reliability (e.g., improved Wi-FI, fewer service outages)
  • Better collaboration tools such as Slack and Zoom
  • Up-to-date digital signage across campus and classroom technology
  • Improvements to Workday and other cloud-based solutions
  • Better customer experience relative to all services ITS provides
  • Greener technology (less printing)
  • And more!

What’s next?

We’ll break down this exciting transformation with a series of articles that will appear in upcoming issues of the Employee Gateway and on this IT Services website. If you have questions or ideas, please send them to