USC’s Center for High-Performance Computing

USC’s Center for High-Performance Computing (HPC) provides computing resources—encompassing compute cycles on two separate Linux clusters—along with disk resources to store raw research data and resulting output, and base high-performance computing (HPC) compilers and applications for use on the HPC cluster.


  • Access to Linux cluster compute cycles, including graphics processing unit (GPU) cycles
  • Access to limited disk storage with tape backups
  • Access to basic high-performance computing software applications and compilers
  • Professional staff to manage and maintain systems and infrastructure


Access to HPC resources is available to all USC faculty and graduate students, and their collaborators

Getting Started

USC faculty or graduate students must apply for an account using the online application [USC login required]. All applications are subject to review by HPC.

For additional information on the HPC application process, see the Applying for an HPC Account page on the HPC website.

Learn More

To learn more about USC’s Center for High-Performance Computing, see the HPC website.
HPC also provides workshops on general use of HPC resources, as well as advanced workshops on topics like Matlab and compute unified device architecture (CUDA) for GPU use. For information on these workshops, see the HPC Computing Workshops page on the HPC website.


  • If storage needs are greater than the maximum default, HPC staff will contact users about additional condo storage options.
  • If compute cycles requested appear excessive, HPC staff will contact the primary investigator (PI) and adjust cycles if necessary.
  • It is the responsibility of the Primary Investigator (PI) filling out the application to get iVIP accounts for all collaborating researchers who require access to this account’s data and cycles.

Data Security

  • HPC is not intended for use with sensitive or restricted-access data.
  • HPC access is restricted to users with an active HPC account.
  • Annual account renewals are required. All users who have not renewed will be removed from the system.
  • Data is secured through UNIX permissions. Certain file systems are only accessible to specific compute and head nodes.
  • Compute nodes run through a private network and are not directly accessible to the public Internet.


To reach HPC staff regarding support questions, submit a General Inquiry (A USC NetID login is required).

For questions regarding condo storage on HPC, submit a Condo Resources form (A USC NetID login is required).

To request the installation of software on HPC, submit a Software Management form (A USC NetID login is required).

HPC staff provides backup assistance on vendor-supplied software provided by HPC, as well as limited support to third party software outside HPC’s scope. For documentation on using HPC resources, see the User Support section of the HPC website.


HPC is a free service.