Using Google Drive

Help Pages and Learning Guides

For information on how to upload, create, and share documents with Google Drive, see Google’s Get Started with Google Drive documentation.

Google provides general support documentation for Google Drive on their website at

Video Tutorials has a video tutorial series that covers how to use Google Drive.

You will need to log into, using your USC username and password, before accessing these videos. To log in, go to and click the “Log in to” button. After you have logged into, return to this page and click link below to access the videos.

Google Drive Essential Training

Topics covered in this tutorial series include:

  • Accessing Google Drive
  • Working with files
  • Purchasing more storage space
  • Finding files
  • Working with Docs, Sheets, and Slides
  • Creating forms and drawings
  • Sharing files
  • Working with revisions and suggested edits
  • Using Google Drive on a mobile device

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access Google Drive on a Web Browser for the First Time?

If you have ever used your browser to access your personal Google account, you may need to click through a few screens before you can successfully access your USC Google Drive. See the Accessing Google Drive for the First Time page for more information.

How Do I Transfer Files from Commercial Google Account to My USC Google Drive

If you previously stored work documents in a commercial Google account, you may need to move files or folders from this personal account to your USC Google Drive account. You can do this by downloading the files from your personal account and uploading them to your USC Google Drive account.

For instructions on how to do this, see the Transfer Files to your USC Google Drive Account page.