Ethernet Port Installation

Wired connections to the USC network require a particular physical (wired) connection from the data switch port to the jack in the wall. A site visit by an ITS Field Services technician is required in order to provide an estimate for the cost of the installation. Factors determining cost include whether wiring in place at the customer’s site supports Ethernet, or whether a wiring upgrade is necessary.

There is no charge to have ITS Field Services Engineer to do an onsite visit and provide an estimate. To request a site visit and estimate, please submit a request via a Communication Service Request (CSR) (USC Login Required).

Regardless of the network maintenance option selected by a school, Ethernet port installation and/or relocation charges will be charged to the unit by ITS based on the actual cost of each service.

NOTE: Prices vary depending on building and equipment available.

Ethernet Port Pricing

Connection fee for 10/100/1000-megabit ports $300.00
Move fee for 10/100/1000-megabit ports within the same building $75.00
Downgrade fee to move to a slower port $75.00
Upgrade fee to move to a faster port (Up to 1-gigabit) $125.00
Disconnection fee for 10/100/1000-megabit ports $0