Signing into Services with Duo 2FA

When accessing a protected service or system, you will first enter your USC NetID username and password on the USC NetID sign-in page. Afterwards, you will be required to verify your identity through one of the options on the Duo Authentication screen:

  • Duo Push: This involves a notification to your mobile device. Your registered device will receive an alert that someone has attempted to log into a protected system with your credentials. You simply approve the login attempt by accepting the alert on your device. (Note that this option requires you to first install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device.)
  • Call Me: This involves a call to a registered phone number, be it a mobile or landline phone. The registered number will receive a phone call. Answer the call and listen to the instructions to authenticate. (It is NOT necessary to install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device to receive a phone call.)
  • Passcode: A code supplied by the Duo Mobile app or sent via text message to your registered mobile phone. Simply type the supplied code into the login screen to complete the login process. (To use this option on a smart phone, you must first install the Duo Mobile app on your mobile device. No app is necessary to receive a passcode via text message.)

Once you have verified your identity for a particular service or system, your login will remain valid for the duration of your session (until you log out or are timed out for inactivity).

For more information about using Duo 2FA, see

For assistance signing into services with Duo, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555 or