USC Dropbox for Faculty

ITS Support for Dropbox ending December 31, 2021

In support of USC faculty online document storage and sharing needs, there are currently three cloud-based storage solutions: Microsoft OneDrive for Business, Google Drive and Dropbox. After a careful security and cost assessment of the different file storage offerings, ITS has determined that it will no longer provide the Dropbox service after december 31, 2021). Please contact for more details and assistance in choosing the supported storage service that is right for you.

All USC faculty members are able to create a USC Dropbox cloud storage account associated with their email address. These accounts allow faculty to upload, store, and share a variety of files with others online. USC-provided Dropbox accounts are approved for the storage of public and internal use only data; they are not approved for the storage of confidential data, including HIPAA- and FERPA-regulated data. Additional controls may be required, depending on the type of data and relevant regulations. For questions, please contact the TrojanSecure team at


  • Store up to 50 gigabytes of documents.
  • Share files with colleagues with Dropbox accounts around the world.
  • Upload files through the web or through Dropbox desktop and mobile applications.                                                                                                           

Before Creating A USC Dropbox Account

Before creating a USC Dropbox Account, please note the following:

  • Once you complete the web-based process to create your USC Dropbox account, you will receive an email invitation from within 2 hours. This email will contain instructions on how to finish setting up your USC Dropbox account. If you do not see this email in your inbox within 2 hours, you may need to check your spam and junk folders for the message.
  • If you already have a personal Dropbox account associated with your email address and would like to create an official USC Dropbox account, you will need to convert this personal account to a USC-owned Dropbox account or change the account’s email address. If you choose to change the account’s email address, any work-related documents in this renamed personal Dropbox account should be transferred to your USC Dropbox account. When you create your USC Dropbox account, Dropbox will walk you through the process of separating your personal Dropbox content from your USC Dropbox content. For more information on moving content between your personal and USC Dropbox accounts, see Dropbox’s page on moving files between a personal and business Dropbox account.

If you wish to create your USC Dropbox account, click or tap the Create My Account button. Once you have completed the account activation process, click the Log into USC Dropbox button to access your USC Dropbox account on the web.

Getting Help

  • To get started with your USC Dropbox account, see the Dropbox Quickstart guide on the Dropbox website.
  • For instructions on how to download and install Dropbox desktop and mobile apps, see the Dropbox Desktop and Mobile Apps page.
  • For help documentation including links to tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions, see the Using USC Dropbox page.

If you need additional assistance with your USC Dropbox account, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.