DocuSign New Features

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in knowing more about or would like to use any of the features below, please contact us through the DocuSign service request form.

Collaborative Fields

This feature allows recipients to collaborate on text, radio button, drop-down, and checkbox fields. Collaborative fields are perfect for situations where signers might need to negotiate on changes to your document. For example, a sender and signer may want to propose changes to a closing date or some other small change in the document. Changes are managed within DocuSign, with all changes and approvals recorded in the secure audit trail.

DocuSign Retrieve

DocuSign Retrieve is a Windows-based tool that retrieves envelopes, documents, and data from DocuSign for use in external systems. You can run Retrieve as a one-time request or on a schedule. When run, Retrieve contacts DocuSign and retrieves envelopes, documents, and information for those envelopes based on filters you set.

Responsive Signing

With responsive signing, you can improve the display of your documents based on the signer’s device type. Responsive signing automatically converts documents to HTML and allows you to preview the conversion across device types prior to sending. Signers will see the responsive HTML, and they can toggle to view the original document.

DocuSign Connect

DocuSign Connect is the DocuSign platform notification service. The service uses webhooks to proactively notify your application when an event occurs that your application wants to know about. DocuSign recommends that all applications use Connect instead of polling the DocuSign Signature Service.