USC’s Center for Advanced Research Computing

USC’s Center for Advanced Research Computing (CARC) provides advanced computational research support to USC students, faculty and staff. When the needs of researchers exceed the capabilities of a personal computer, the CARC offers its support. Examples of services offered include high-performance computing (HPC), data storage and analysis, cloud computing, secure computing for sensitive data, research computing workshops, and customized research partnerships.



All USC students, staff, and faculty have access to the CARC’s systems for their research projects. For more information, see the CARC’s Accounts and Allocations page. 

Getting Started

See the CARC’s Getting Started page for information on high-performance computing, CARC systems, getting access, and user support.


To contact CARC staff regarding technical issues, submit a help ticket.

To access resources for support, see the CARC’s User Support page.

For updates and announcements, see the CARC’s Twitter page and Discourse discussion community.

Learn More

See the CARC’s website for information on services offered, system specifications, news and announcements, and user support.