ITS Backup Services for Servers

Information Technology Services offers backup services to USC schools, departments, and other units that need to back up server data. ITS provides two options for backup services: managed and unmanaged.

Features (Managed and Unmanaged Back Up Services)

  • Automatically and transparently moves files between fast storage on disk and slower storage within a robotic tape library
  • Monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year round by the ITS Network Operations Center
  • Covered under a service level agreement

Getting Started

To set up a managed or unmanaged backup account, please fill out and submit a service request form (USC NetID Login Required).

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Managed Backup (Symantec NetBackup)

ITS will provide your department with NetBackup software that you will need to install on your departmental servers (or workstations) in order to back up server data. ITS will set up an ongoing automated, scheduled backup service for your department, based on your needs. This service is available for both Windows and Apple computers.

Unmanaged Backup

This service provides departments with a location and allocates storage space to back up server data for Linux, or other UNIX-based servers. To connect, departments will need to use the Network File System (NFS) protocol. The unmanaged backup service is for UNIX-based operating systems. This service requires departments to back up their own server data.


For documentation on setting up Managed and Unmanaged Backup, see:

For problems or questions related to the use of this service, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center.
Licensing questions can be directed to .


Setup Fees:

  • Unmanaged Backup for UNIX-based servers: $250.00 ($125/hour, 2 hours of setup time)
  • Managed Backup (Symantec NetBackup) for Windows and Apple operating systems: $475.00 ($350.00 for the NetBackup license and $125.00 for 1 hour of policy configuration and setup time.)

Data Rates:

  • Unmanaged Backup: $750.00 per terabyte (TB) per year (with a minimum of 1 TB)
  • Managed Backup (Symantec NetBackup): $750.00 per terabyte (TB) per year (with a minimum of 1 TB)

NOTE: The exact consumption of managed backup usage depends on several factors, including frequency of backups, retention levels, and the size of differential data.