AT&T Phone Conferencing Instructions

ITS offers an AT&T phone conferencing service that is easy to use and eliminates the need to make reservations, so you will no longer need to call an external carrier for a call-in phone number each time you place a conference call.

For information about pricing, see the Rates section of the AT&T Phone Conferencing Servicepage. Click here to download a copy of the AT&T Reservationless Phone Conferencing Reservation Manual.

Organizing a Conference Call

The person organizing the conference call is commonly referred to as the host. The host will need to give the other conference call participants the following information:

  • The date and time of the call.
  • The U.S. dial-in numbers (toll-free or caller-paid) with a link to the additional international toll-free and caller-paid numbers, when appropriate.
  • The participant code (please do not give the host code to participants)

Please note that for caller-paid calls, the caller pays for the phone call but not for the conference call.

Joining a Phone Conference

  1. Dial the toll-free or caller-paid number provided by the host (the person organizing the phone conference).
  2. Enter your participant code (or host code if you are the person organizing the call) followed by the # sign when prompted.
  3. If prompted to state your name, please state your name. The system may use this recording to announce your arrival and departure when you connect to and disconnect from a conference call.
  4. You will now be connected to the phone conference call.
  5. To disconnect from the conference call, simply hang up.

Advanced Features

The following advanced features are accessible to the conference-call host by using the host code. For more detailed information about advanced features, see the Getting Help section below.

  • Muting all participants
  • Locking and unlocking a call (to prevent additional participants from joining)
  • Taking roll
  • Dialing out (to add an additional participant during a conference call)
  • Recording a conference call
  • Setting up a conference to continue until the last participant disconnects
  • Setting up a conference to start without the host present
  • Monitoring and controlling a conference call via the Web with the AT&T Conference Monitor

Getting Help

For more information, please contact AT&T’s Customer Care group at 800-526-2655 or the ITS Communications Services Group (CSG) at 213-740-3814.