About Your USCNetID

All USC faculty, staff, and students receive a USC NetID account, also known as your Shibboleth or enterprise account. These accounts grant you access to your USC email account, USC network and wireless services, and a wide variety of online services including the Blackboard learning management system and Workday.

Systems You Can Access Using Your USC NetID Account

Below is a list of some of the primary systems that you can access using your USC NetID account.

Note: Some USC schools and departments maintain local systems that are not dependent on the USC NetID account. Systems where you are asked for PIN (instead of a password) are not dependent on your USC NetID.

  • Workday
  • Blackboard
  • Google Apps at USC
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • MyUSC and all single sign-on applications when accessed through MyUSC, including Oasis, Registration, Course Evaluations, Add Syllabus to Schedule of Classes
  • USC Secure Wireless
  • Trojan Time

Note for IT Support Staff: The applications affected are primarily those that rely on Kerberos or Shibboleth for authentication. However, some school-based web applications that authenticate via LDAP may also be affected.


All current USC faculty, staff, students, and some iVIP (Visitor) accounts.

Getting Started

To activate your USC NetID account, go to our USC NetID Account Services website.

Learn More

For additional information on setting the password for your USC NetID account, see the About Your USC Password page.


For assistance with activating your account, setting a password for your account, or accessing any of the systems that require your USC NetID, contact the ITS Customer Support Center.


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