Wireless Access to the USC Network

On or after August 1, USC students, faculty, and staff who have set up their devices to connect automatically to USC Wireless Plus should reset their devices to connect to USC Secure Wireless. Instructions on how to reset the connection are available through the USC Secure Wireless Documentation menu that appears on the right-hand side of this page. After the first connection to USC Secure Wireless, subsequent connections will be automatic on most mobile devices.

USC provides two wireless networks: USC Secure Wireless and USC Guest Wireless.

USC Secure Wireless

USC Secure Wireless is an encrypted wireless network, available only to USC faculty, staff, and students, that is up to 18 times faster than USC Guest Wireless. Most users can connect to the USC Secure Wireless network simply by entering their USC NetID (username) and password when prompted. For information on configuring your wireless device to connect to USC Secure Wireless, see the documentation under “USC Secure Wireless Documentation” in the menu on the right-hand side of this page.

Changing Your USC Password

In order to ensure that you will be able to access USC Secure Wireless, you may first need to change your USC password at mypassword.usc.edu.

USC Guest Wireless

USC Guest Wireless is an open guest wireless network. Guest users can connect to this network by simply choosing the USC Guest Wireless network on their devices; no USC NetID username or password is necessary.

Computing Safety

ITS recommends that all users maintain a firewall, as well as antivirus and antispyware software. Links to free firewall and antivirus software, along with additional information, are available on the ITS Security page.

Additionally, ITS recommends:

  • Visiting only secure Web pages—those whose URLs begin with https://
  • Encrypting any confidential or sensitive information
  • Logging in to UNIX shell accounts using SSH or Kerberized Telnet (rather than basic Telnet).

If you are unfamiliar with these security measures, please contact the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555.

Getting Help

If you have problems or questions related to your connection to a USC wireless network, contact the ITS Customer Support Center at 213-740-5555 or .