USC.EDU Website Addresses

USC websites are hosted on many different servers, both inside and outside of the USC network. In order to request that a specific website address be directed to a specific server, please follow the instructions below.

Websites must comply with all USC policies and implement USC’s web branding guidelines. USC’s web branding guidelines can be found at

NOTE: You will need a valid USCNet login to access all forms listed below.

Root-Level Redirects on

For official USC websites, you may request a redirect in the form to any web address in the domain — as long as that redirect is not already in use. There is no charge for this service. Note that ITS offers redirects only on Redirects on other servers must be set up by that server’s administrator.

Redirects are updated nightly (Monday – Friday).

Domain Name Service (DNS) Aliases

For official USC websites, you can request that a specific website address in the form be directed to any IP address or server name — as long as the new host name is not already in use. There is no charge for a DNS alias.

Virtual Hosts on

If your website is hosted on, ITS can set your website up as a virtual host with an address of the form ITS charges $50 to set up each virtual host that you request.

Please create your website on before requesting a virtual host.


For technical reasons, some departments may need a subdomain set up. There is a one-time set up fee of $50 for these subdomains.

Non-USC.EDU Web Addresses

USC school and department websites should have web addresses in the domain, e.g. Requests for web addresses should be made using our online DNS alias request form.

However, USC does participate in various research projects, conferences, consortia, and other academic activities that may span multiple universities and other organizations. The websites of these projects often require web addresses outside the domain.

Web addresses outside of the domain must be registered by the sponsoring organization at an external domain name provider. The external domain name provider should handle the DNS service for these external domains.

NOTE: Most of of the projects creating websites outside of the USC.EDU domain use an external web hosting provider to run their website. If you plan to run a website with a non web address on a server that is connected to the USC network, you should know that reverse DNS lookups will not work.