CWIS Upgrade

Over the next six months, ITS will make a series of significant changes to CWIS, the server hosting the USC homepage ( and many USC subpages.

These changes include requiring all CWIS site owners to:

  • Change the URL of their websites to a virtual host names.
  • Move their websites to a new server.

Below, please find a schedule of our planned changes, which includes responsibilities of CWIS account holders. Please note that in order to ensure that your website remains active beyond May 15, 2016, you must make the changes indicated below.

June 30, 2016: Deadline for conversion to virtual hostnames

By June 30, 2016, all active websites on CWIS must use a virtual host name (that is, URLs in the form of to prepare for the move to the new server.

  • If your website URL is in the form (e.g.,, you will need to convert your site to run under a virtual host name in the form (e.g., Web Services will enable redirects from your old URL to your new URL. For information on how to make this conversion, see

Later in 2016: Transfer of active sites to new server and retirement of old CWIS server

ITS will set up a new server to host active CWIS sites and turn off the old CWIS server.

  • If you wish your site to remain active, you will have to move your website to the new server by a date in the summer which is yet to be determined. We will send instructions for how to do this within the next few months once the new server is ready.

If you no longer want your CWIS-based website, please submit a request for us to delete your site using our online form at

Additional Assistance

If you have questions or encounter a problem not mentioned here, please contact us using the form at and someone from Web Services will get back to you.