SSH is a security protocol that lets users connect to and communicate with other computers using encryption. Less secure protocols, such as Telnet, do so in plain text, which allows anyone who is observing network traffic to easily see user passwords during the login process.

In a continuing effort to increase network security, ITS has phased out Telnet, FTP, and other protocols and applications that do not provide adequate password protection. SSH and SFTP protocols are recommended for communications with remote systems.

NOTE: ITS utilizes the OpenSSH suite to implement the SSH protocols 1 (SSH-1) and 2 (SSH-2). The documents in this section contain instructions on authenticating with and connecting to systems primarily through SSH-2 methods.

SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

For information about secure file transfer between your computer and web servers or other networks, see the SFTP documentation, available under the Related Links section of the side navigation.

Information on Server Settings for BCF/Mizar Users

If you are looking for information on how to use SSH with your new BCF account, please see our Mizar Overview section.

Getting Help

Assistance can be obtained by contacting the ITS Customer Support Center.