Support and Tutorials

(Photo/J.P. Morgan)

From one-stop customer support to video tutorials and individualized training, ITS Learning Environments team is here to help you make the most of the available technology in the university’s general-use classrooms and auditoria.

Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials provide information for setting up and using audiovisual equipment.

Individualized Training

Customized instruction on the use of specific equipment or a specific classroom is available for your convenience and individual needs.

You can request training by filling out the Request for Technology Orientation form. You may also call Classroom Support at 213-821-6601 or email to request and schedule training.

Customer Support

For classroom support or to reserve non-standard equipment, call 213-821-6601 or email

Please note that classroom reservations are handled through the Office of Academic Records and Registrar’s online process. To reserve a classroom, please contact the USC Classroom Scheduling office.