Account and Access Services
Administrative Services
Data Center Services
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Network and Phone Services
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Technology-Enhanced Learning Services
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USC Shoah Foundation Institute Services

Account and Access Services

Activate your USC Computing Account – First Login
If you are a USC faculty, student, or staff member, or a university guest with computing privileges, this process will activate your computer account and allow you to select your password and learn about computer policies and resources at USC.

Change Your USC Password
USC provides faculty, students, and staff with various online services and computing resources that require a USC username and password for access. Users create or change their USC passwords at the MyPassword site.

The iVIP program provides a process for departments within the university to sponsor individuals who are not regular USC faculty, students, or staff for inclusion in USC’s Global Directory Service. As a result, the individuals can be given access as needed to a variety of electronically provided or managed services.

Identity and Access Management Services
Identity and Access Management (IAM) facilitates timely, accurate, and secure access to electronic services for all members of the university community.

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Administrative Services

Business Intelligence (Cognos)
USC’s business intelligence tool, Cognos, provides reporting and querying capabilities in coordination with the Kuali Financial System and other databases.

Employee Online Services (eTrac)

Kuali Financial System (KFS)
The Kuali Financial System and Kuali Enterprise Workflow consist of a range of applications, including USC eMarket and the supplier portal, the capital asset management system, cashiering, procurement card reallocation, journal vouchers, course scheduling, gift processing, and financial aid accounts.

Student Information System (SIS)
The Student Information System (SIS) manages a range of information about USC students for the duration of their time at USC, including admission status, registration information, financial aid information, and financial transactions with USC.

Total Access for Research Administration (TARA)
TARA is USC’s “Total Access for Research Administration” system, supporting management of research awards, proposals, core laboratories, and regulatory protocols.

Trojan Time
Trojan Time is USC’s online, paperless timekeeping system to record, approve, and process hours worked by non-exempt employees.

Workday modernizes and improves the way USC delivers key human resources, benefits, payroll, and performance management services to staff and faculty.

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Data Center Services

Colocation Services
ITS offers USC schools and departments colocation services in its state-of-the-art data center, where cabinets can be leased to house computer hardware.

Server Data Backup Services
ITS offers USC schools and departments managed and unmanaged backup services for their server data.

USC Digital Repository
The USC Digital Repository offers digitization of digital source material, cataloging and content management, preservation of digital materials, large-volume digital file storage, and high-speed global access to digital collections.

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Email, Calendaring, and Collaboration Services

Central Email (Web Mail)
Central email, also known as Web Mail, is the basic email account that ITS currently provides to most USC users. If you are able to check your email at, you are using USC’s central email system.

Google Apps at USC
ITS provides USC students with Google Apps at USC, which includes Gmail, Web-based word processing and spreadsheet programs, sharable calendars, chat, and more. The Gmail account gives students 25 gigabytes of storage and allows them to use their email address.

Microsoft Office 365
ITS provides USC faculty and staff Microsoft Office 365, a modern collaboration platform that includes a full-featured email system with web access, integrated calendaring, a campus contacts directory, support for mobile device access, and 50 gigabytes of storage per account.

MyMailLists is a portal for setting up email lists that include both USC and non-USC affiliated participants.

USC Spaces
USC Spaces is a free online platform that provides a range of tools for virtual collaboration.

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Network and Phone Services

Computer Registration
USC faculty, students, and staff with active USC email accounts may register computers for use on the USC network. Unregistered computers may be used on the USC wireless network.

External Networking (Los Nettos Regional Network)
Los Nettos, headquartered at USC, is a private regional network that spans the greater Los Angeles area, providing high-bandwidth Internet connections to a variety of universities, colleges, research facilities, hospitals, city governments, public schools, and museums.

Telephone and Data Network Services
ITS provides USC schools and departments with basic telephone and data network services for a Technology Connection Charge (TCC). Schools and departments can also choose enhanced telephone or data network services for an additional fee.

USC Wireless Network
USC Wireless is an open wireless network. Guest users can connect without entering a USC username and password.

USC Wireless Plus Network
USC Wireless Plus is a faster, encrypted network, available only to USC account holders.

Wired Network for Faculty and Staff (USCNet)
USCNet, USC’s high-speed network, provides registered computers with connectivity in academic and office buildings.

Wired Network for Students (ResNet)
ResNet provides registered computers with network connectivity in residence halls, Leavey Library, and some academic buildings.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure method of remotely accessing USC computer resources. The VPN encrypts all traffic to and from a computer in order to prevent others from viewing the information.

Audio and Video Conference
There are various phone and video conferencing options available at USC.

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ITS Pricing
Under the federated model, Information Technology Services (ITS) provides schools and units with an array of core telephone and computing services, along with optional, enhanced services. Core services are supported primarily by the Technology Connection Charge (TCC); there is no additional charge to units for core services. Enhanced services are available through ITS for an additional fee to meet supplemental needs.

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Research Computing Services

High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC)
The Center for High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC) provides USC faculty and graduate students with computing resources that encompass compute cycles on two separate Linux supercomputer clusters, including disk resources for the storage of raw research data and the resulting output from cluster-run jobs, as well as high-performance computing compilers and applications for implementation on the clusters.

Statistical Computing and Consulting
Statistical consulting services are available free of charge to USC faculty, students, and staff.

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Antivirus Software
ITS provides free antivirus software, Sophos Endpoint Security, for Windows and Macintosh users.

Mathematica Software
Mathematica is a comprehensive technical-computing environment that allows users to work easily with numerical, symbolic and graphical information and data. Mathematica is currently available on the UNIX, Mac OS, and Windows platforms.

MATLAB Software
MATLAB is a high-level language and interactive computing environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks faster than with traditional programming languages such as C, C++, and Fortran.
ITS freely distributes a variety of software for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. (Valid USC login required.)

Software in USC Computing Centers
ITS provides a broad range of software for Windows and Macintosh operating systems in USC Computing Centers.

Statistical Software
ITS offers SAS, Stata, SPSS, and JMP statistical software packages.

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Technology-Enhanced Learning Services

Blackboard Learning Management System
Blackboard, USC’s eLearning platform, is used by instructors to post and distribute course content such as syllabuses and handouts, communicate with students via announcements and email messages, and assess student learning through quizzes and online assignments.

Educational Technologies: Center for Scholarly Technology (CST) Services
Educational Technologies: CST services range from consultation and skill development to enterprise-level applications and evaluation for USC faculty who want to use technology to advance their teaching, collaboration, and research efforts.

Learning Environments
ITS Learning Environments supports the audiovisual technology in 183 general-assignment classrooms, 20 auditoria, and 3 ITS-managed computing centers, including 5 instructional classrooms within those computing centers.

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Web Services

MyUSC Portal
MyUSC is the university’s portal, designed to provide centralized access to wide-ranging campus resources, including university and student group announcements, university news and events, online registration, OASIS, Blackboard, and other online services.

Web Hosting
USC faculty, students, and staff can obtain an account on one of USC’s basic, free web servers.

Website Addresses for
This page provides online forms for website address requests, including ones for multiple addresses, redirects, shortened URLs, Domain Name Service aliases, virtual hosts, and subdomains.

Website Design and Development Services
ITS Web Services creates a range of USC-branded websites—from customized Web presences to quickly implemented templates—that are easy to update and expand.

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USC Shoah Foundation Institute Services

IWitness is an online application for school educators and their students, giving them access to watch, search, and learn from more than 1,300 video testimonies of survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust.

USC Shoah Foundation, The Institute for Visual History and Education
This is the USC Shoah Foundation’s main website. The foundation is dedicated to making audio-visual interviews with survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides a compelling voice for education and action.

USC Shoah Foundation, Visual History Archive (VHA)
USC faculty, students, and staff connected to the USC Network can search through nearly 52,000 audiovisual testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides.

Online Access to the Testimonies in the USC Shoah Foundation’s Visual History Archive (VHA)
The USC Shoah Foundation provides a variety of services to enable filmmakers, exhibitors, museums, libraries, and universities to make use of the VHA’s nearly 52,000 testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides for educational purposes.

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