USC IT Professional Services

Managing Accounts and Passwords

USC NetID Account Services (Activate accounts, change passwords, reset passwords)
About Your USC NetID Account
About Your USC Password
iVIP accounts

Authorized Signer Services

Request research accounts
Create organizational email accounts
Manage CWIS maintainer accounts
Close employee accounts
Remove maintainers from a CWIS group
List of departmental authorized signers

Ordering Services

Online Communication Services Request (CSR) Form
Technology Management Information System (TMIS)
Ethernet Port Installation
Network Jack Activation
Intra-Building Network Support
Network Engineering & Project Management
Network Request & Billing (Login Required)
Outlet Installation
Private TCP/IP Networks
Technology Connection Charge (TCC)
USC PKI Lite Certificate Authority
Web Development and Design

Network Tools

Computer Registration Overview
Dynamic Host Registration
Static Host Registration
Network Jack Status (Login Required)

Additional Help Resources

Computing Recommendations for Faculty and Staff
ITS Customer Support Center
ITS Security Blog
Local IT Support for Schools and Departments
SAS Installation Instructions for IT Professionals