CWIS Accounts

CWIS computing accounts give users access to, the USC web server. These accounts enable web publishing for academic, research, administrative and service units, university-affiliated faculty/staff organizations and professional organizations with a USC web site maintainer.

To apply for a CWIS account, please see your department’s authorized signer.

A separate application is required for an departmental/organizational email account.

Each person who requests access as a data maintainer, and is approved by the department authorized signer, is assigned a login on, with privileges to edit files within specified directories.

All account holders are responsible for adhering to university policies governing the use of Web resources at USC.

CWIS accounts need to be renewed at the end of each fiscal year (June 30). If you don’t remember to renew your account, it will be disabled. To ensure uninterrupted service, ITS recommends that you contact your department’s authorized signer, who is responsible for account renewals, no later than June 1.